Interactive Archaeology

The Interactive Archaeology application allows people to discover the archaeology of their region and is used by the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) to present their “Wall of Cambridge Archaeology” display.

The Wall of Cambridge is an innovative three-dimensional display that comprises of 160 artefacts from the Cambridge area. Objects are placed according to where they were discovered, and in terms of whether they come from the Medieval, Roman or Prehistoric period.

The application is designed to be used both inside and outside of the museum. It enables visitors to identify objects in the display via its intuitive interface and the interactive maps plot where the artefacts were found.

The application provides a valuable local resource, enabling people to investigate the archaeology of the Cambridge area using artefacts found near them.

The museum’s collections are brought to life using audio clips and 360 degree views of the galleries.  An archaeological timeline comprises of objects from the region and shows how everyday possessions change from the palaeolithic period to modern times.

The MAA application is available for the iPad and can be found in the App Store by searching for MAA Cambridge or following the link