Open Studios

Our Open Studios product is designed to enable local Art organisations to have their own smart-phone App. It puts the details of artists and studios at people’s fingertips. Users can browse your full Open Studios catalogue or quickly find the types of art they would most like to see. It is fast and convenient and the interactive maps make finding studios easy.

It Makes Business Sense

Apps might be the fashion but they can also make sober business sense. They provide an additional marketing channel and can generate extra revenue. An app enables a wide range of local businesses to be promoted. For example, paid listing of taxi companies, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and local attractions can be incorporated. You might also decide to print less brochures – saving money and trees.

The App Advantage

Even if your website adapts its content for mobile phones, our app offers many advantages. Patrons can create their list of favourite studios and use this to plan their day. Listings can be organised by date, artist, closest studio, and media type. Locations can be overlaid on an interactive map and on certain phones, the app will help navigate people to the door.

Unlike a mobile website, our app does not need a network signal to work. The full catalogue is always available at home, on a speeding train or deep in the countryside.


The cost is probably a fraction of what you might have imagined. Our prices include all submission and running costs for one year.  We will provide a free, fixed price quotation before the work starts.

We only need you to send the details of the artists, studios and dates and we do the rest. Your own branding, images and logo can also be incorporated.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about how easy it is to have your own Open Studios app please get in contact. Email