JSN Platform

The Javascript to Native (JSN) Platform creates native looking mobile applications but with the benefits of cross platform development. The Platform is tailored to efficiently deliver geospatial and real-time information. Data can be overlaid onto maps enabling users to visualise where they are in relation to what is around them.

The JSN Platform provides a cost effective means of creating mobile applications that are designed to connect with potential customers who could literally be right around the corner. Government can use the JSN Platform to provide residents with service information available in their local area. It can even help guide people to the door.

Users see an application that is consistent with the other Apps on their phone and they instantly know how to use. Applications created using JSN utilise the native menus, dialogs and other standard user interface components from the device.

Developers program in industry standard Javascript. The same application written in Javascript with the JSN platform can be deployed to both the iPhone and Android devices.

An example of the JSN Platform in action can be seen in the Live Cities application that provides live and local information for selected UK Cities.

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